• New Style UK to China plug converter
  • New Style UK to China plug converter

New Style UK to China plug converter

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1000 pc

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Product Description

Hong Kong version of travel converter

British Hong Kong plug into the national standard electrical plug three for the purchase of Hong Kong version of electrical appliances used in mainland China for Hong Kong, Britain, Malaysia, Turkey and other visitors to the mainland use.

Specifications: 10A 250V 2500W

Advantages: tailored for the Apple charger, power, protection doors, environmental protection, multiple characteristics of flame-retardant materials

Quality identification: 1. The use of environmentally friendly materials, pure color, non-toxic non-radioactive material, burning odor-free.

                2. High hardness of the PC material for the shell, so the texture tough.

                3. Smooth and matte combination, no significant shrinkage problem.

                4. The use of high-precision brass effectively improve the through current.

                5. Plug socket edge in accordance with safety requirements, reduce the risk of electric shock.

                6 children with electric shock protection door, effectively improve the safety of electricity

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