Meven Insist on "openness, fairness and justice" peace negotiation, mutually beneficial win-win principle, sincere cooperation with domestic and foreign customers.
To make your credit industry &trade business activities in a faster, more convenient and more efficient, we established the special customer service center. This center is affiliated to company management, specialized responsible for welcoming clients, answering customer questions and help and guide the customer business activities, help customers with purchasing department, engineering department, sales company institutions such as contact, Supervision and material procurement, construction project and sales department in accordance with the "openness, fairness and justice" and "win-win" principle and you're engaged in business negotiations. Executive service telephone.
Whenever you and our company cooperation have not satisfied or think our employees in and your business talks, processing business relationships have injustice, we sincerely hope that you will your feelings and opinions tell our customer service center, please believe that we must make your opinion and the suggestion processing.
We always adhere to the "customer-oriented, service for development" constantly meet customer expectations tenet cooperation with you.